Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Whalen Still Dogged by NCPA Ethanol Stance

Today's Quad Cities Times has an article about a new Democrat ad on the air that questions Whalen's credibility on ethanol.

Anyone who has been watching Whalen since the beginning of his bid for Congress knows that he is committed to Iowa agriculture (and has the endorsement of the Iowa Farm Bureau).

However, his time spent at the National Center for Policy Analysis, as POLICY CHAIR, is causing him problems once again. You may recall that this issue came up in the primary, and is now the topic once again.

Whalen's campaign is using the same old line, that as Policy Chair, he didn't actually have input on policy stances, and that the NCPA's stance on ethanol was actually just the views of one of it's members.

Braley's ad claims that President Bush and Mike Whalen don't get it and that Bruce Braley supports ethanol and Iowa farmers. I think claiming the owner of the Iowa Machine Shed doesn't support agriculture is a pretty tough argument to sell.

Whalen and Braley Debate Tonight

After the spirited Nussle-Culver debate last night, it is important to note that the 1st District contenders will go head to head tonight in Davenport. Unfortunately, this debate will be viewable only by taped delay, airing on Thursday at 7 PM and Sunday at 5:30 on WQPT-TV in the Quad Cities.

From the Des Moines Register:

"There is a big contrast between the candidates that will become very apparent," said Russ Perisho, Whalen's campaign manager. "Sometimes you have debates when people walk away and scratch their heads because they can't tell the difference between the two candidates. This will be a clear contrast of issues, and I think that is why the voters need to hear it."

I certainly agree with Perisho here. These two candidates agree on almost nothing. This will be a great opportunity for voters to see the difference in the two men, and judge both on style and substance.

A second debate is scheduled to take place in Dubuque on Monday.