Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Frist in the First

Over the weekend Sen. Bill Frist attended several small fundraiseres for candidates across Iowa's First District. Beneficiaries included Mike Whalen, Roby Smith, and Matt Reisetter.

While the list of hosts for the Smith event was impressive, I'm told attendance at the Reisetter event was better. I've highlighted the Smith/Lykam race previously, but now want to mention that as much as Smith is a good GOP candidate in Davenport, Reisetter is just as impressive for the Republicans in Cedar Falls. It's not surprising that these are two statehouse candidates Frist wanted to stump for...their popularity within their GOP communities is not restricted simply to their districts...both have the ability to draw support from a relatively wide area.

This article from the Courier recaps the Frist/Reisetter event.

While it's a good read, there is a bit of humor thrown in at the end...they call Frist a top candidate for the GOP presidential nomination! See the odds-maker HERE for the current handicap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

EEEEK! Who are these people?

Children of the Corn V ?

Someone feed these poor folks and wipe that smile off Frist's face!

11:25 PM, August 16, 2006  

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