Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Braley calls for minimum wage increase, but won't compromise to get it

Yesterday Bruce Braley issued a press release and did a small media tour campaigning on the minimum wage issue. Talk has been that Democrats will use this nationally as their attempt at a "wedge-issue" to keep favor with their working folk.

Braley's release calls for "an honest increase in the minimum wage," advocating for the minimum wage to go from the current $5.15 to $7.25 per hour in three increments.

This bill actually passed the House last week. Braley, though, isn't satisfied. Instead, he is complaining. Braley complains that while the bill passed the House it was attached to another bill to make permanent cuts in the "death tax". Braley complains that the elimination of the tax only benefits millionaires. Braley complains that this is fiscally irresponsible. Braley doesn't note that tax cuts have improved our economy in recent years, or that raising the minimum wage by 71% could negatively impact many small businesses.

Rather than see this bill which now awaits passage in the Senate as an opportunity for cooperation and bi-partisan discussion on the issue, Braley would rather demagogue the issue in an unwillingness to compromise. He wants the minimum wage increase, but won't even consider a tax cut.

Partisan politics at its finest, folks.


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