Wednesday, July 26, 2006

HD 85

A few days ago a reader over at Krusty Konservative asked about an update from the 85th District in the Iowa House (Davenport). I offered up a quick synopsis then, but today's QC Times has a great article by Ed Tibbetts detailing the national attention this House race is getting.

As things heat up between incumbent Jim Lykam (D) and challenger Roby Smith (R), the race has been catching the eye of '08 presidential hopefuls. This weekend Smith will play host to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee (you may have seen a few weeks ago that former Congressional candidate Brian Kennedy is chairing his PAC here in Iowa) in a fundraising effort. This comes after Smith recieved a campaign contribution from Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's Commonwealth PAC.

I noted on Krusty, and I'll it again here: Smith is a credible candidate against this incumbent, and represents a good chance for a GOP pickup. He has energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, and ideas to possibly push him ahead in this race. This is one you can bet Scoop will continue to watch.


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