Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rove met with protesters

At yesterday's exlusive $250 per plate Republican luncheon fundraiser for Mike Whalen, Bush strategist Karl Rove was greeted by a small group of protesters. The picture above was taken by the Courier, and made the front page of the Times as well.

This QC Times article, titled "Rove catches grief during Iowa stop", details the event through interviews with protesters and attendees, as the media was shut out of the Sunnyside Country Club, where the luncheon was held. Since the media was not allowed in the event, they obviously focused on the protesters.

Reportedly, signs read:

“Rove fiddles while working families burn.”

“Health care is a right, not a privilege.”

“Karl Rove, congratulations on not getting indicted!” Signed, “Concerned Iowans.”

Between the, headline, picture, and the article, I'd say the net gain for Whalen on this event was a few thousand dollars and a lot of negative connotation in the press.

In response to the Rove visit, Bruce Braley held a press conference of his own at a local senior center.

Braley discussed Medicare Part D, social security, and minimum wage.

The next Whalen campaign event is to feature VP Cheney.

Again, I find it interesting that the candidate in the GOP primary that ran as the "outsider" to the Washington establishment chooses to bring in people that couldn't possibly belong any more to the Washington establishment.

Hopefully Whalen will get better press for the Cheney visit, which will be in Davenport on a date to be announced.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rove Headlines Whalen Fundraiser

With the nominees decided two weeks ago, the respective campaigns are now getting back to work publicly.

Shortly after the primary, John Edwards made a campaign stop for Democrat Bruce Braley.

Late yesterday it was announced that Karl Rove would make two appearances in Iowa to raise money. First, an event for Mike Whalen in Waterloo, the second for Jeff Lamberti in Des Moines. Tickets are a hefty $250 for the Whalen lunch.

This could be a great event for Whalen. Rove is a very smart man, and the best when it comes to winning elections. And, it's great to see the Whalen campaign hard at work right after the primary. Clearly, neither candidate is wasting time running up to November, and I'm sure it will only serve to make this race all the more interesting.

I wonder if there will be any response to the Rove event from the Dems? Rove is not a popular guy in their world, and has been blamed for many of the country's policy 'misteps' in recent years. There may be an opportunity for Braley to note that while in the primary Whalen was running as an outsider, his first move is to be joined by someone who couldn't be more tied to the current (unpopular) administration.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006