Thursday, May 18, 2006

Negative Polling in the GOP: Who's Doing it and Who Cares?

There's a lot of chatter today over on Krusty's blog by Dix folks about a "push poll" that was reportedly conducted by Mike Whalen over recent days.

Today, however, Mike Whalen fights back. It seems Bill Dix has been less than forthcoming (according to Whalen) about his own negative campaigning activities. In this release issued by Whalen today, his campaign cites evidence that Dix did a poll of his own (Note: Whalen claims it to be a negative-issue poll, though I'm not sure on what basis he makes that claim). Whalen also points out that Dix has been "attacking Mike Whalen relentlessly for the last 30 days," through negative press releases and emails, which led to harrassment of some Whalen supporters. To view the negative Dix releases, go HERE, HERE, and HERE.

In the Whalen campaign's first show of true public disclosure (Note: Still waiting for public response to FEC investigation) the release also shows the two questions on the poll that were related to Bill Dix, as well as statistics of the responses gathered.

If these truly were the only two questions relating to Bill Dix and his record, then I think Dix is making a mountain out of a mole hill, as they say. As Whalen notes, if Dix wants to talk about his record, he can't pick and choose which part of his record he wants to talk about. If Whalen doesn't make light of it now, you can bet the Dems will in the fall.

Still, I see Dix's point. If you want to debate Dix's record, do it to his face, Mike, don't whisper about it under the guise of a poll.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations...I noticed all your anti-Dix ranting and raving has alienated you. Doesn't seem like too many folks are reading your blog...or responding to it anyway. I'm just responding so you know you lost one more reader.

By the way, I do live in the 1st and I AM voting Dix on June 6th.

5:54 AM, May 19, 2006  
Blogger Scoop Iowa said...

Oh please...this isn't anti-anyone. In fact, I even took Dix's side at the end of the post. Did you read the whole thing?

Plus, there have been plenty of anti-Whalen posts here to go around.

I'm not sorry if you don't want to leave the Dix-lovers' blogoshpere safe-haven of Krusty Konservative.

Dix supporters need to toughen up if they can't take this now and they expect to win in November.

3:03 PM, May 19, 2006  

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