Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gluba Supporter Sounds Just Like Gluba!

This may not be newsworthy, but I found it humorous. You know how sometimes a candidate's supporter is just like the candidate? Or how if you know someone's personality you can usually guess who they support? Well here is a perfect examply of a guy whose friends I'm sure could easily guess would support Bill Gluba.

Letter to the Editor in QC Times:

Gluba is candidate of change

By Gerald Neff,Pleasant Valley

The June 6 primary election is fast approaching. Bill Gluba is the candidate to change our ethically bankrupt Congress and inept administration. During this off-year election, Americans have plenty of reasons to be outraged: the unjust war, the massive national debt, a failed attempt to meddle with Social Security, the ongoing scandals of the Republican Party, the unwillingness of the administration to recognize and address environmental problems, the outrageous idea of selling our national parks to raise money to balance the budget and an energy policy that benefits the oil companies and hurts everyone else. It is no wonder that this administration has been called the worst ever.

I am angry that Iowa ranks 42nd in teacher salaries, that the state is losing jobs at a terrifying rate, that tuition at our three state universities has risen more than 50 percent in the last four years.

Change has never been more necessary than right now. Start that change June 6 by voting for Bill Gluba for Congress. He will work to change the process of getting the best government money can buy, to limits on spending campaigns.

An "angry" letter bashing the administration. If you hear Gluba in a debate, you'll hear the same thing time and time again.

Check out the comments to the letter on the Times website. Someone raises a good poing about the disjointedness of this entire letter by pointing out that as much as this guy likes to demagogue (just like Gluba), our state's tuition rates aren't even a federal issue.


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