Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ethanol: Candidates Stick to Party Lines

Today's QC Times has this story by Ed Tibbetts, discussing the prices we are paying at the pumps.

All 1st District candidates, being Iowa politicians, now call for increasing renewable fuel usage (even Mike Whalen).

The difference between the GOP and Democrat candidates though, seems to be the need for a mandate on car companies to produce vehicles that can use E85 and forcing filling stations operated by oil companies to sell E85, which was proposed by Tom Harkin recently.

Kennedy and Whalen campaigns say a this mandate is not necessary. The Democrats stand by Harkin. Nothing too interesting there.

Tibbetts, though, does include a couple quotes from industry experts and local filling station owners disputing the ability to fulfill the Democrats' demands. Harkin and the Democrats says oil companies should foot the bill.


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