Monday, May 15, 2006

Dix has Competence

Bill Dix made a stop in Davenport on Saturday. It was reported in the QC Times that along with Dix's family a few supporters turned out. One was Tom Tauke who said among other things that Dix has competence.

One must ask, is this a noteworthy attribute? If you have to defend your favorite candidate's competence, is he really that great of a candidate? These are just questions I throw out, because in GOP circles there is great mockery of the competence of a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Chet Culver. See Chet Not Stupid blog for more detail. Seems to me the GOP shouldn't have it both ways.

This question really comes into play in this article, because showing great competence, Dix is quoted at the end as discriminating against poor regions of our country:

Dix also would “continue to stay focused on protecting us from our enemies,” saying he supports the troops and their efforts in Iraq. He also wants to protect the country from enemies coming in along “our poorest borders,” he said.

Commonly, our politicians are seen discussing how to lock our borders, but even the GOP hasn't yet segregated it into wealthy and poor regions.

I think the word Dix was looking for was really "porous". See, Bill, "poorest" means the lowest rank; "bottom member of the class". "Porous" means easily crossed or penetrated. Porous, Bill, porous.

Tom Tauke, you are right. Bill Dix sure is competent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's pretty underhanded to pin the press's poor transcription on him. Come on.

6:24 PM, May 16, 2006  

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