Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dix Calls Whalen a Liar...But is he?

In this press release made available sometime late yesterday, Bill Dix calls Mike Whalen a liar.

Dix says:

“Mike Whalen is flat out lying, misleading voters, and misrepresenting Auditor Vaudt,” said Dix. “He tried to mislead my wife two weeks ago and now he is trying to mislead the voters.” Whalen’s campaign push-polled Dix’s wife, Gerri, two weeks prior to the airing these false advertisements.

Whalen’s advertisements state: “Bill Dix was in charge of the budget at the Statehouse, but our Republican State Auditor said Dix’s budget was a disappointment.”

Review of a press release sent out by the Auditor’s office, March 28, 2005, found that the Auditor said: “Unlike the Governor’s proposal, the House Republicans’ budget proposal does not tap the larger than expected Fiscal Year 2005 surplus to pay for Fiscal Year 2006 program costs.” The release went on to say: “The House Republicans’ plan also takes a positive step toward replenishing the Senior Living Trust Fund.”


While may Dix may have a legitimate gripe that Vaudt never actually called the budget a "disappointment", I think Dix is doing about as much selective quoting here as Whalen is.

It has been said in the recent past that if Dix wants to run on his record, he should run on his whole record. A review of the Auditor's release on which Dix stakes his claim shows that it isn't all roses for Bill and the Republican legislators.

You can find the document Dix references HERE.

Even the title, "State Auditor Vaudt Reviews House Republicans’Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Proposal - Comparison to Governor’s Proposal; Some Unsound Financial Practices Continued; Some Steps in Right Direction" is shaky at best.

A further review finds that "The House Republicans’ proposed level of spending equates to a 5.1% increase over Fiscal Year 2005" (higher than inflation).

Vaudt also says, "Despite some positive steps taken by the House, this Fiscal Year 2006 budget proposal—just like the Governor’s budget proposal—carries forward some of the same unsound financial practices of prior years." These unsound practices are highlighted in sections of the document called, "Lack of Clarity" and "Spending Exceeds Revenues".

Keep in mind that this is all just what Dix WANTED to do. In reality, after all the deals were made he ended up increasing spending by 7.1% over FY 2005, allowed spending to once again exceed revenues, etc.

You can see this for yourself HERE.

Perhaps this is the quote Whalen was looking for: Auditor Vaudt said, “It is extremely disappointing to see this continued reliance on other funds.”

It's all right there for you to read, folks. Form your own opinions.

Here's mine: All this taken into consideration, my thoughts on the latest Dix release is that while Whalen may have twisted the Auditor's words a bit, I think for Dix to complain about it is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. It seems to me that Bill Dix is misrepresenting his record with the budget a tad too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post isn't about Gluba, but am I the only person who finds Braley's commercial attacky Dickinson and Gluba (especially Gluba) for being pro-life tacky? In all likelihod Gluba is going to lose on Tuesday so why attack him?

5:16 PM, June 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wondered that too.

1:00 PM, June 05, 2006  

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