Sunday, May 28, 2006

Candidate Surveys

While some internet Klowns will only give you profile pieces on their favorite candidates, I'll give you links to all candidate info that I can find. These candidate questionnaires ran in the QC Times in the last few days:

Bill Dix - Dix pretty much speaks in generalities and tows the party line. He notes he is the only candidate standing with the President on Iraq. Most interesting of this whole survey, he sings praises to Senator Grassley in his "favorite politician" question, but completely lambasts his favorite politician's (Chuck Grassley) most favorite pet project, the Iowa Rainforest. Also, his answer to #1 is interesting when considering Mike Whalen's current attack advertising. Who's telling the truth here?

Brian Kennedy - Kennedy offers more specifics than Dix, which I like. He points out that he is the only candidate with experience on Capitol Hill. I'm not sure how he arrived at exaclty $1.51 as the reasonable price for a gallon of gasoline in the energy question, but at least it's an answer, and I'll take that price over the current $2.75 any day! Lastly, Kennedy differed from Dix and Whalen on the question of earmark reform, and took an interesting approach of referencing readers to his website on a couple occasions.

Mike Whalen - Nothing new from this guy. He offers more specifics than usual it seems on the surface, but upon closer consideration it becomes clear that he is just putting a little more verbage on top of his common one-liners for every answer. See:"Today’s gas prices are the result of a government problem, not an energy problem."..."Congress has to learn to push themselves away from the table."..."If we stop the jobs, we stop the flow", etc. Still, to the average voter, I think his Q&A may hit home. He did a good job of being short and to the point.

Bruce Braley - Braley provides very well-written though long-winded answers that give pretty good detail. Braley cites examples of earmarks working well and providing services for people in Iowa's First District. Braley gives a good Iowa answer on energy. He hits the GOP on the issues of tax cuts, Iraq, and the immigration situation. Democrats have a good candidate in Bruce Braley. Also, I just might vote for him because he clearly knows a lot about John Quincy Adams (what's the deal with the history lesson, Bruce?).

Bill Gluba - He comes off better on paper than in his ranting speeches, that's for sure. His answers, though long, seemed well thought-out. He stands with Bill Dix in his mockery of Senator Grassley's Coralville Rainforest. Interesting points: a very specific answer to #1, his statement that we obviously need to increase government spending in #9, and his riding the fence on the issue of life in #5.

Denny Heath - Denny Heath is my hero in this field. I may not agree with his stance on every issue, but I like that fact that he isn't an out-of-touch idealist or a demagogue like some other Dems out there. He thinks for himself and doesn't simply follow his party like a sheep in the flock on every issue.

Rick Dickinson - It must be a Democrat thing to write very long answers. Aside from talking himself up plenty in the experience question, Dickinson takes great care in explaining his stance on the abortion issue. Rick also thinks everything is a "wedge" issue. That is, to Dickinson, if it's tough for Democrats, it is probably the Republicans' fault for making a big deal about it. Lastly, I must be nice and say that I do really like his plan for a pay-as-you-go federal budget, not the borrow and spend that we have seen at federal and state levels lately. Dickinson also notes in that answer that there was no Halliburton in Jackson County. No kidding, Rick...I think you guys just got your first Wal-Mart, there didn't you?


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