Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Earlier This Week...

Wednesday was a busy day around the First District.

Ed Tibbetts finally got around to putting out a story on the candidates' recent fundraising figures (just a few days behind is all). Read the full story here to get his take.

Also Wednesday Bruce Braley released a call for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. Braley included himself in the company of six retired Generals from across the country. He also called on the other candidates in the 1st District, both Republican and Democrat to join him. “I challenge all candidates in the 1st District Congressional race to take a public stand on this important issue,” said Braley. Appropriately, none responded. While this story about a tour of the Barn Foundation made the papers on Thursday, Braley's tough stand did not.

The Democrat that did make the paper this week was Rick Dickinson. He got mention Wednesday in the Quad-Cities Times for a stop on his "No Town Left Behind" tour. Showcasing economic development as his strength, he said he would make it a priority, but left out any major details regarding the substance of his plan. Only about six people came for his gathering, but he did take questions from the tiny audience on other issues. This was reported on his immigration stance:

Dickinson also took questions on other issues, such as education and immigration. On the latter, he said he supports a bi-partisan bill offered by U.S. Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Arizona, that would provide a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants if they did such things as pay a fine and hold a job.

A House-approved bill would not allow for that and would criminalize being in the country illegally. Now, it’s only a civil violation.

Some of the Republicans seeking the 1st District seat have made dealing with illegal immigration a key issue. Dickinson, though, said the emphasis was more about appeasing a political base, and he said the relatively small number of Hispanics living in eastern Iowa made them an easy target. “There’s nobody to push back,” he said.

Personally I disagree with Dickinson on the immigration bit. The issue may play to the GOP (though I don't think so because they can't seem to agree on it either), but regardless of who may benefit from it's discussion, it is a problem that needs to be talked about nation-wide (including Iowa and the 1st District), not just in the border states.

Comments posted by readers to the article are intersting. Some are pro-Dickinson. One is pro-Whalen on business, one is pro-Kennedy on immigration, and one is just anti-Whalen altogether.


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