Friday, April 07, 2006

Dix Blasts Whalen for Liberal Leanings


Just moments after this post was written, a new release came from the Dix campaign titled Dix: I won’t raise taxes like Braley and Whalen.

In it, Dix likens Mike Whalen to Democrat Bruce Braley, saying, “We now have two candidates on record who want to raise our taxes and stifle job growth, Mike Whalen and Bruce Braley. Raising the taxes on hard working Iowans is not an option.”

Good for him for sticking to his guns and running Whalen down with this one.


Original Post:

Representative Bill Dix has taken aim at opponent Mike Whalen for his plan to raise taxes to pay for the coming expenses of Social Security.

"When I first ran for Iowa House in 1996, I made a no tax increase pledge that I stand by today.

The same cannot be said for my opponent in the Republican Primary, Mike Whalen. Last February, Mr. Whalen told the Quad City Times he would be willing to raise taxes as part of a reform package for Social Security.

Mike Whalen's proposal would cost taxpayers $100 billion dollars each year!

Mr. Whalen reaffirmed his position this week and opened the door to new questions, telling the Dubuque Telegraph Herald that everything has to be on the table. "

Dix takes pride in the fact that he is finally engaging his primary opponent in a press release titled "Blasts Primary Opponent Mike Whalen who says Everything has to be on the table".

The release begins:

(WATERLOO) Rep. Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock), a candidate for Congress in Iowa's 1st District, said unlike his Primary Election opponent, Mike Whalen, "tax increases are off the table. I'll fight those like Mike Whalen who leave the door open to a tax increase on workers and families. "

"Republicans have a clear choice in this primary," Dix continued. "I will fight tax increases, Mike Whalen has issued an invitation to all the liberals who want to raise our taxes to do so. He's dead wrong to not take a strong stand against raising taxes. His position would fit in with the Democrats in Congress who are eager to raise taxes, I'll stand firm on my conservative principles as I always have for Iowa families."

It's good to see some fight coming from Bill Dix's camp. Till now I think everyone wondered if they had any fight in them. Let's see if he can now fend off the onslaught that is sure to come from Mike Whalen.


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