Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Whalen: Republican or Democrat?

A recent addition to Kennedy's Asked and Answered section of his website seems to be garnering much attention on a "Konservative" blog.

It seems that Republican (?) candidate Mike Whalen has been known to donate to Democrats in the past, has worked to see George Bush defeated, and may have even tried to run for Congress as a Democrat in the past!

It isn't often that you will see me take a harsh tone for or against a candidate, but COME ON! How can this guy expect to run for Congress (on either side) with such a "meandering" political tendency. Republicans are fired up for this race because they know that the Dems have a good chance to steal the seat. With this latest information on Whalen, coupled with his lenient stance on immigration, vague Contract for American jobs that is shorter than this post, and questionable stance on the life issue, how could any true conservative support this guy?

I think the GOP electorate is smart enough to realize that no matter how many times Whalen invokes Ronald Reagan in a speech or tries to emulate Newt Gingrich on paper, he is simply pandering to them by saying what he thinks they want to hear, not what he really believes in.

Knowing that he donated to get Jim Nussle defeated, while running as a Republican in the district currently held by Nussle will not play well.

Whalen has lost some respect as a candidate in my book. Not for actually donating to one party or another, but for simply being so arrogant as to believe that after he worked against the Republican Party as he has, that it would be acceptable to try to be their Representative. He simply thought nobody would find out. It has been said that he is known to play fast and loose in business and in politics...now I see what they mean.


Anonymous RHINO HUNTER said...

If you have to ask the question, we already know the answer....

12:57 PM, March 06, 2006  

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