Monday, February 20, 2006

Outlook for the Governor's Mansion

The race for Terrace Hill seems to be shaping up now, four months before the primaries. Last week you may recall that Democrat Chet Culver, your current Secretary of State, picked up the endorsement of now-running mate Patty Judge, who dropped out amidst fundraising troubles.

Today news sources are reporting that GOP Congressman Jim Nussle has beaten his Republican opponent Bob Vander Plaats a couple months earlier than Vander Plaats had hoped. Vander Plaats will now be Nussle's running mate.

While Democrats still have two heavy-weights pitted against each other (Culver/Judge and Mike Blouin) and a somewhat credible third candidate, Ed Fallon, in the race, the GOP is now without any primary competition in this year's largest race. Will this new endorsement help unify the Republican Party and lead to a victory in November, or will the Dems be able to mobilize their party throughout the primary and come together in June to rumble into the Governor's mansion on Election Day?


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