Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Polling Numbers

Two candidates for Congress sited polling data this week to claim that they are leading in their respective primaries.

Bill Gluba announced on Monday that he is officially running for Congress. In this QC Times story titled "Gluba declares he’s front-runner", Gluba mentions a Zogby poll that shows him 19 points ahead of Democratic rivals Bruce Braley and Rick Dickinson.

In a similar fashion, Bettendorf Republican Mike Whalen released a poll this week which he himself commissioned that shows him 27 points or more ahead of his Republican rivals Brian Kennedy and Bill Dix.

I'm not sure if these numbers seem all too convincing. Gluba is clearly having trouble raising money for his Primary. And knowing that Whalen shelled out another $10,000 or more to get a poll showing he's in the lead as he's simultaneously running campaign ads on the radio to boost name ID somehow doesn't make me a believer either. I'm not commenting on whether either of these guys actually are leading their races...Mike Whalen for example, is undoubtedly better known than his opponents... just that their polls seem a little bogus to me.


Blogger Maverick said...

Iowa First:

While scanning the blogs that are covering Iowa politics, I found an interesting entry about Mike whalen. It's "explosive stuff", as the editor of that blog notes. Apparently, Whalen the Republican congressional candidate is the same Whalen who donated to Dave Nagle AGAINST Jim Nussle, helped Ross Perot, donated to the Iowa Democratic Party, and wants higher social security taxes. I kid you not.

The link is

Take a look at the blog. "Krusty" has confirmed these entries, and it's pretty amazing.

7:05 AM, February 28, 2006  

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