Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lost Post!

I seem to have lost a previous post regarding the 1st District candidates 4th Quarter fundraising numbers from the FEC. It was up briefly a few weeks ago, and has since disappeared. Here is an incomplete version I had saved as a draft while I was working on it. Rather than re-write the entire piece, I will just post this since it is now old news. Also, let me apologize to the visitor who left a comment in the short time the post was on the site. In fairness, I have reposted that in the comments section.


The previously written Draft:

I know I recently posted about my thoughts regarding handicapping frontrunners based solely on fundraising numbers, but the latest round of FEC reports are out, the newspapers are reporting it, and it seemst that Bruce Braley and Bill Dix are still in the lead within their parties.

Check out this AP article taken from the Waterloo Courier. It details that Braley, the top Democrat, has amassed over $289,000 in cash on hand at the end of 2005. Bill Dix also had a consistently strong 4th Quarter, bringing in over $112,000 to give him an account balance of almost $257,000.

Second in his party, Rick Dickinson seems to have had a tough 4th Quarter, bringing in a little over $25,000, which was barely enough to top Bill Gluba who had a $21,000 Quarter. Dickinson however, has substantially more cash on hand than Gluba, at $118,000 to $28,000, which is still substantially less than the previously mentioned Bruce Braley.

On the Republican side, Brian Kennedy came in second, with 4th Quarter receipts totalling about $150,000, giving him a year-end balance of $164,000. Mike Whalen came finishes out the GOP, raising only $54,000 in the 4th Quarter, with $84,000 in the bank.



Blogger Scoop Iowa said...

As I said, this post was left by an anonymous visitor previously. I only know of it because as I'm sure you know, Blogger emails the blog administrator (me) when a comment is left. Here it is:


Brian Kennedy "raised" more than any other candidate I guess- if you consider a 100,000 dollar loan to himself raising money. Also it might be fun to see how much Brian actually "raised" in the First District this year. I could tell you but it would be more fun if you looked and saw for yourself
(click on receipts to see who the money came from)

The good news for Brian is that he has a lot of support in Virginia's 8th District and Tennessee's 5th District. The bad news is that those people can't vote for him.

Posted by Anonymous to Iowa's First at 2/03/2006 09:53:23 PM


7:41 PM, February 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares? Bill Dix can raise all he wants in the 1st, he still can't match Braley in a debate. All three Dems crushed him in the Waverly debate. And with one answer, Kennedy put them in their place. if Dix is the nominee against any one of the Dems in the 1st, he'll be like a lamb to slaughter. Whalen is smart, but Kennedy gets it - you can't win if you don't feel it in your bones.

Dix and Whalen will be like taking a knife into a gunfiight, totally overmatched. Kennedy is the only one who can give it back. Plus, find something he's for that you disagree with. He's the best conservative in the race.

7:18 PM, February 16, 2006  

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