Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kennedy Visits Mexican Border

"If a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words . . . it is definitely true of this photo. Today, while surveying the Mexican border near Zapata, Texas, I witnessed this boat crossing the Rio Grande with not a single border patrol officer in site. Isn’t it time we Do Something about Illegal Immigration?" wrote Republican Brian Kennedy in his blog this week, accompanied by the photo to the right.

Kennedy has spent the last few days in Laredo, TX visiting America's border with Mexico.

While Mike Whalen criticizes Kennedy for taking a vacation and Democrat Rick Dickinson claims "We have enough division in this country" and declines to talk about immigration, Kennedy poked at Bill Dix, saying he should take some time to get out of the Statehouse. He added that “Iowans should share that outrage because it’s our national security and our economic security that’s being put in jeopardy as well,” he said. “I left with a better sense of the scale we’re looking at.”

Check out this article by Ed Tibbetts from the Quad City Times for the full story.


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