Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dix on Immigration, Dickinson on Medicare

Today Bill Dix released news of a part of his immigration plan. Dix has filed legislation in the Iowa statehouse which would require mortgage brokers and bankers who service home loans to refuse financing to a person who is not a citizen of the United States.

He also, like Republican opponent Brian Kennedy, calls for tougher employer sanctions for those employers who knowingly hire illegals.

With this new addition to the Dix immigration plan, Mike Whalen is the sole GOP candidate to reject the notion of stricter employer sanctions, opting instead for the implementation of a national ID card of sorts, that would allow employers to immediately determine if an applicant is legal or not (supposing the ID card never gets counterfeited as the current forms of documentation do).

Dix goes on to note that similar legislation was filed by Democrats in the Iowa Senate last week.

This is an interesting addition to the Democratic agenda, and a surprise here in Eastern Iowa, as Democratic Congressional candidate Rick Dickinson has been known to call illegal immigration a "wedge issue" and decline to discuss it.

What Dickinson has been discussing lately is Medicare Part D. He is on a tour of the mid-size towns along the HWY 20 corridor. Dickinson points out that seniors seem to be confused by the new system, and that our families deserve better. He puts health care reform at the top of his priority list if elected to Congress.

Dickinson will be making stops in Dyersville and Independence on Saturday to talk about Medicare Part D.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whalen won't sign on to tougher employer sanctions because he wouldn't want to pay the sanctions. You can't tell me he hasn't hired illegals in one of his businesses. It's for jobs in companies like his that they come over.

As for Dix on immigration, I have a hard time believing that there are a lot of illegal immigrants here getting mortgages, but OK, I'll go along with it.

Let's crack down on the border first. Kennedy is the only candidate I see who's willing to address the problem at it's source.

1:50 PM, February 17, 2006  

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