Friday, January 20, 2006

Inaugural Post

As I try to keep up to date on the news of Eastern Iowa, I have noticed, as other bloggers have noted, that while the Quad Cities Area seems to be full of blogging activity, the rest of the region is largely void of good writing. There is plenty of talk of local politics and initiatives in the Quad Cities, so this blog will be dedicated to something bigger. Anything happening in Iowa's First Congressional District is welcome here. That covers anything from Parkersburg to Guttenburg, and Dubuque to Davenport. Anything local, regional, or statewide that has an impact in this area is news at Iowa's First.

I have noticed, however, that while local politics dominate the scene, news (and yes, gossip too) about the hotly contested Congressional seat is not well covered in the blogosphere (besides the decidedly anti-Dumas/Whalen conversations taking place at Quad Cities Backstage in the last few months, and even that seemed to have local flavor to it). Here is your new outlet! I will update as often as I am able as I scour for news and gossip from around the region. Feel free to post comments, but, as every blogger begs, PLEASE be respectful!

First, a quick rundown of the candidates:


Mike Whalen:

Owner of Heart of America, known largely for his Machine Shed restaurants, and recently their comercials of questionable legality. Currently residing in Bettendorf, Iowa, with business headquartered across the river in Moline, Mike's website still claims he's campaigning in October if you visit the "Events" link.

Brian Kennedy:

An attorney from Bettendorf, Kennedy has a very detailed website, where we see that he too is in fact a blogger. Clever for an Iowa politician. Word has it that this former state Party Chairman was spending his days in Washington until recently when he decided to run for Congress, though his Iowa qualifications are plentiful. Visit his website and you'll find that he has plenty to say about the issues, as well as audio links to recent debates, though he seems to be trailing the other R's in the money game.

Bill Dix:

A state legislator from little-known Shell Rock, Iowa, Bill Dix has not been seen as much in the news as Kennedy and Whalen in the southern part of the District. A farmer by trade, Dix has been in the Iowa House for about 10 years now, and until he resigned this year, was the Appropriations Chairman there. Though claiming to be a fiscal conservative, if I'm not mistaken it was reported this summer that state spending jumped something like 7% on his watch last year.


Bill Gluba:

Relying on name recognition from past failed races for the same seat, word has it that fundraising has been slow for Gluba this time around. He is, however, barnstorming the internet, as he seems to send out email newsletters continuously.

Rick Dickinson:

A resident of Jackson County, Dickinson hangs his hat on his accomplishments as Director of the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation. He is a past state legislator, who recently stepped down from his post in Dubuque to campaign full-time.

Bruce Braley:

Mr. Braley is a trial lawyer from Waterloo. A typical Democrat, taking a few shots at President Bush on his website, Braley is having no trouble raising money. At the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2005, I believe he was leading the pack of six candidates in this race.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the Republican debate that was referred to in the post. Apparently it was recorded at the Black Hawk County Republican Caucus last Monday.

I think the audio makes it clear who has the new innovations and ideas it will take to win in Eastern Iowa and be ready to start in Washington on Day 1.

Even in the first question, immigration, Kennedy puts forth a specific proposal, Whalen plays defense to Kennedy, covering for his difficulty in "determining" who's legal and who's not as an employer, and Dix is general with a simple "whatever it takes" proposal.

Listen for yourself:

6:20 PM, January 22, 2006  

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