Sunday, January 22, 2006

Candidiates getting equal time from the press, but are issues getting equal time from the candidates?

So what issues are important to the voters of the 1st District? Well, according to two articles by Quad-City Times writer Ed Tibbets, Republicans and Democrats may not agree.

In an article a week ago regarding a forum for Republican candidates hosted by a Rotary club in Davenport, Tibbets says the GOP hopefuls debate on their differing opinions on the hot-topic issues of illegal immigration and the war. Brian Kennedy seems to have different views than the other two on both topics. "Still, Kennedy and Dix staked out separate spots with respect to the war in Iraq while Whalen and Kennedy were somewhat at odds on immigration," reports Tibbetts.

It seems that immigration has dominated the issue-front recently on the Republican side of the race. To my knowledge, it is the only issue which all three candidates have addressed with specific policy proposals (though Dix still seems a bit fuzzy on the actual specifics, he has at least addressed it).

The Democrats, however, seem relunctant to talk about illegal immigration as an issue important to the 1st District. In Saturday's edition of the Times, Tibbetts reported on a similar forum, again hosted by a local Rotary club, this time for the D's. The headline reads: "Democrats: Immigration proposals shouldn’t divide".

The second paragraph of the article reads, "Bruce Braley, Rick Dickinson and Bill Gluba all said that while the problem of illegal immigration must be confronted, they strongly warned against using the issue to create racial divisions." Perhaps it is my own ignorance toward the areas of the district I am unfamiliar with, but it seems to me that most of Iowa on the whole is fairly homogenous. I am not sure what "racial divisions" the Dems are concerned about.

The article goes on to say, "Dickinson, though, said there are other more important issues to the district than immigration. “Let’s have this race be about what’s important to the 1st District of Iowa,” he said."

Apparently the Democrats decided that the issues we should concern ourselves with are education, health care, economy, jobs, etc. Basically, the usual mantra.

Well, whatever the issue, come June the winners of each primary will begin debating each other. At that point, those competitors will need to have an answer for ALL issues. I am a 1st District voter, and illegal immigration is a concern to me. Democrats, I think you are wrong to blow this one off.


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