Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Busy Day for 1st District GOP Candidates

Today's Quad Cities Times has two articles detailing proposals made by two Republican Candidates for the 1st District Congressional seat yesterday.

Bill Dix puts forth health care reform ideas HERE, while Mike Whalen held a press conference to unveil a much less substantive contract for American jobs, which can be found HERE.

Dix suggests that health care should be universal. “It is the responsibility of government to provide health care to those who cannot get it themselves,” Dix said. He also wants workers to be able to carry their health plan from one job to another, and to put an end to "frivolous lawsuits".

Covering Whalen, the Times reports: Calling it the “Contract for American Jobs,” Republican congressional candidate Mike Whalen outlined Monday a series of steps that he says are necessary to keep the country’s economy on track.

Unfortunately it seems after reading the article that Whalen's "series of steps" were little more than echoing the usual Republican rhetoric about permanent tax cuts. With a snazzy title like "Contract for American Jobs" I expected more hard-hitting reform proposals.

To my recollection, it is Bill Dix that has usually been the vague GOP candidate. Specifically on illegal immigration, he has vowed to do "whatever it takes" while Whalen and Brian Kennedy have put forth specific proposals for a national ID card and securing the border/employer sanctions, respectively. With this round of coverage though, I have to give the lead to Dix, as Whalen did little more than get his name in the paper (and his ads on the radio).

I noticed in the second article that Kennedy took another good shot at Whalen's proposals. I wonder what Kennedy will come out with next? We haven't heard from him on the topic of either health care or jobs. And, when will the Democratic candidates start putting forth some of their ideas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While Scoop may think it was refreshing to see Bill Dix be specific for once, I am a bit shocked it has taken Dix nine months to simply copy and paste!

Please compare the article in the posting from the Quad Cities Times to the “issues” section on Brian Kennedy’s website, www.BrianKennedy.com.

Dix (via the Times): To incubate patient-driven, affordable and accessible health care, Dix said the federal government should enact policies promoting an ownership society hinged on market-driven principles.

Kennedy Website: In Congress I will favor new ideas and policies that promote a patient-centered, consumer-driven, provider-friendly health care system.

Dix (via the Times): To battle one of the most pressing health care issues — the uninsured — Dix proposed enhancing Medicaid and community health centers and offering tax incentives to the uninsured for them to better afford private health care.

Another underlying issue of high health care costs Dix hopes to target is “frivolous lawsuits that are driving up the cost of health care,” he said.

Dix also said the health care costs could be mitigated through the use of health savings accounts and promoting nutrition and fitness education, especially within schools.

Kennedy Website: I will support expansion of health savings accounts, implementation of universal electronic medical records, more tax credits for the uninsured, investments in community health centers, and medical liability reform. Finally, we will all realize massive savings, and feel a little better, simply by taking personal responsibility for eating right, exercising and not engaging in those activities we have been warned will be detrimental to our health.

Once again, Brian Kennedy leads on the issues…That information has been on the Brian Kennedy’s website since April when he launched his campaign. Going even further, Dix seems to have even copied a quote from Kennedy:

Dix (via the Times): “I’m propelled by principles, not politics,” he said.

Kennedy’s Blog, dated Tuesday, October 11, 2005: I am running for Congress to fight for principle. I will fight to curb spending through healthcare reforms that are based in the free market… There is always considerable political pressure to maintain the status quo, but now is the time for principle to triumph over politics.

This entry can be found at http://www.briankennedy.com/blog/archive.asp?id=-1526378974

So Scoop, while Dix may have been specific, he certainly wasn’t original. These ideas have all been around for a long time, and Dix just finally got around to putting them in his own words. Oh wait, he didn’t even do that in some instances. I guess he just got around to putting his name on them. The problem is though, that this isn’t the statehouse. While his chummy state legislator friends may be willing to accredit him with their good legislative ideas to help give him a boost in this race, you can bet that his competitors will not be so accommodating. The 1st District needs a Congressman with the ability to formulate new ideas, not just copy them from someone else smart enough to formulate them.

3:34 PM, January 31, 2006  

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